Monday, January 29, 2018

Blurring and un-blurring where it's sunnier

Here I am blurring again--I'm in a great space!

Here I am un-blurring in the same fun place...

Here, we have many more sunny days...even in non-Cat Grass Season...Chameleon's lurking in the shadows!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter WATCHING...But NO Cat- Grass...ALAS!

Naturally, I'm noticing the bright, bleak, biting absence of Cat-Grass!

Chameleon and Big One, stop laughing NOW...Let's RUN back in...NOW.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Again, this Tortoise Cat and her Invisible Chameleon pal fail to explain why blogging falls behind!

Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, where ARE you? Cat-Grass Season is fading fast! 

Chameleon: Remember, I'm ALWAYS in shadows during photo-ops!

Tortoise Cat: This Cat-Grass Season flourished succulently--what luscious FUN!

Chameleon: So next have fun snapping silly 'selfies'-- but I'll NEVER show off! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cat-Grass with raindrops

Tortoise Cat: Fresh early Cat-Grass shoots taste better with warm raindrops!

Chameleon: Enjoy nibbling in a hurry, before new rain and thunder!

Plump leaf-buds will grow shade soon...!

Better strolling and skulking weather over yonder...!?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

EYOW..Indoor pictures ARE tame!

Strolling and prowling indoor gardens isn't thrilling--and there's no grass!

Sitting seems to be a favorite pastime! How long now until Cat-Grass Season? 

EYOW...There's a HOSE! I could get wet, like in outdoor gardens ...

EYOWeeeyYOW! The long whiles blur! NOW how long 'til Cat-Grass Season?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

EYOW..Long whiles passed since I showed and told what's happening!

The Big One and I strolled and prowled, then Cat-Grass Season ended...
Then, then and then I've been inside cat-nap dreaming with Chameleon, except for strolling these halls and quick nose-pokes outside every day. Maybe the Big One will snap a picture of me soon.

Here's a pic showing what's outside now--except today's sharp shadows for any Groundhogs:

Last Cat-Grass Season I played and stalked and basked (under) here!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cat-Grass Season where are you?

Tortoise Cat: I'm mew-zing Cat-Grass Season will spring in a shorter while! The Chameleon dreams deeper all winter and when I join in we fly through muscle-twitching, startle-full adventure after adventure. Yes, I fly on griffin dream-wings and Chameleon shape-shifts into a dragon (or whatever)! But awakening every day, I long to prowl our grounds around here! During this saddening, maddening shivery season I oversee much from the window. Then, the Big One and I begin strolling outside anyway. But back down to earth my paws usually pause at ice and snow barriers.

Look here -- I helped the Big One snap pictures showing me in my favorite territory-watching window:

The "critter-tree" behind me is still leafless and birdless, but squirrels play in it daily.

Turn your back and a bunny bounds by!

EYOW...Let me snap-play too, OK?

Can I sit still for a moment? OK.

There's my favorite scene -- evergreens cheer me, while I await fresh Cat-Grasses.

Chameleon: I stirred from my dreams long enough to compose those "cat-capture" captions, I'll have you know.