Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tortoise Cat's first explorations of the new territory

Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, our new yard must be raccoon territory -- look who we woke up. What a big fella is eyeing us, EYOW!

Chameleon: But this place has lacked feline leadership, Tortoise Cat. That's where you come in.

Tortoise Cat: How do you like the "cabin" we inhabit now?

Chameleon: We are some ways off the roads most traveled, and I find the place charmingly cosy.

Tortoise Cat: Many flavors of Cat-Grass are thriving all around. But these indoor spaces are cavernous and mysterious to me...with cosy spots nestled here and there...and some odd-sounding odors.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tortoise Cat savors the stinking, singing garden of late Cat-Grass Season

Tortoise Cat: MmmmAHHHYmmm these dried flowery-friends stink stunningly and hum happily, Chameleon!

Chameleon: The Monarch butterflies found those Aster flower-fellas tantalizingly tasty while they were bright purple and yellow, Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat: OK, but Chameleon, I saw those fluttery fly-guys flapping in blah-ish purple garb, while the Big One saw "bright orange," I heard -- supposedly fantastically remarkable...But I couldn't see it, while these "Aster" flowery-friends wore clanging, singing purple hats, while they stank up some wild, wind-dancing tunes.

Chameleon: Oh my...How amazing!

Tortoise Cat: But, for me, they stink even better now -- nose-rufflingly, fur-blurringly dry, while the dusty breezes rustle by.

Chameleon: Hmmm...How's the cat-grass tasting today, Tortoise Cat? Do the grasses sing their greenery for you now?

Tortoise Cat: Cat-Grass Season resounds up and down -- chanting a rumpus, all around!