Friday, March 4, 2011

Tortoise Cat rearranges the indoor rock garden

Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, do you like the new rock and rug arrangement I convinced the Big One to make?

Chameleon: You, Tortoise Cat? You're taking credit?

Tortoise Cat: Well, I cat-nap dreamed the Big One unrolling the pretty green and purple rug I noticed humming at me, stashed away where I was hiding out a while some days ago. After retrieving the rug, the Big One also shifted some rocks and cushions at my direction.

Chameleon: Purple? The orange and green rug is what I'm staring at!

Tortoise Cat: You see it your way. I see -- and hear -- it my way.

Chameleon: So, Tortoise Cat, this rug was humming at you?

Tortoise Cat: Uh-hum...Humming as purple as flies swarming, Chameleon!