Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cat-Grass Season where are you?

Tortoise Cat: I'm mew-zing Cat-Grass Season will spring in a shorter while! The Chameleon dreams deeper all winter and when I join in we fly through muscle-twitching, startle-full adventure after adventure. Yes, I fly on griffin dream-wings and Chameleon shape-shifts into a dragon (or whatever)! But awakening every day, I long to prowl our grounds around here! During this saddening, maddening shivery season I oversee much from the window. Then, the Big One and I begin strolling outside anyway. But back down to earth my paws usually pause at ice and snow barriers.

Look here -- I helped the Big One snap pictures showing me in my favorite territory-watching window:

The "critter-tree" behind me is still leafless and birdless, but squirrels play in it daily.

Turn your back and a bunny bounds by!

EYOW...Let me snap-play too, OK?

Can I sit still for a moment? OK.

There's my favorite scene -- evergreens cheer me, while I await fresh Cat-Grasses.

Chameleon: I stirred from my dreams long enough to compose those "cat-capture" captions, I'll have you know.