Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tortoise Cat did not see her shadow!

Tortoise Cat: I braved the giant snow drifts to seek my frozen shadow!

Chameleon: Tortoise Cat, it's the Groundhog who seeks his shadow today.

Tortoise Cat: Well, two years ago, when I heard the Big One tell about Groundhog Day, I started searching for my shadow, too. Now I hope Cat-Grass season begins a while sooner this year, since I could catch NO glimpse of any shadows.

Chameleon: That might happen, Tortoise Cat, if there is anything to this tradition, because when Punxsutawney Phil emerged from his den during today's dawn, he didn't see his shadow either.

Tortoise Cat: While I was out I heard Tiniest Terrier bark "No shadows!" so that makes three who agree Cat-Grass Season probably will come early.

Chameleon: Tortoise Cat, your're telling tall tales!

Tortoise Cat: No, my tail is on the short end of the scale -- the Big One says.