Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tortoise Cat dreads Cat-Grass Season's immanent end

Tortoise Cat: EYOW. Cat-Grass Season is all but over, Chameleon. I was so sure this one would last forever!

Chameleon: Longer-Dreaming Season is about to begin. Your cat-naps will deepen and grow more fun, Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat: I prefer sun-rays warming my fur and living vegetable aromas to dreams, Chameleon.

Chameleon: But, Tortoise Cat, in your dreams you best the taunting Robins with your Griffin-ish wings, and even join the Crows in aeronautical shows!

Tortoise Cat: EYOW. You cannot convince me the icy, chilly while I sense and feel overtaking us is as wonderful as Cat-Grass Season, Chameleon. But I shall do my best to make the best of my longer, deeper cat-nap dreams.

Chameleon: OK. The Big One is ready for your next garden stroll. Go on, Tortoise Cat, prowl through today's brisk breezes and let your furs absorb as many southward waning sun-rays as possible, and let your nose show you the brightest synesthestic tapestry of this season's fading flowers ever.

Tortoise Cat: Thank-you, anyway, for attempting to cheer me, Chameleon.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tortoise Cat ruffles her nose to smell flower flavors

Tortoise Cat Sniffing Dry Asters

Tortoise Cat: Whew. I forgot how delicious those dry flower buds smell!

Chameleon: Those are Asters, Tortoise Cat. Pink and purple Star Flowers. Can you smell the different flavors like the bees, butterflies and moths do?

Tortoise Cat: When I bury my whole head in the plant, curl my tail and ruffle up my nose, I imagine I can. But, this means Cat-Grass Season is waning, again!

Chameleon: There are a few whiles of your long favorite season left, Tortoise Cat. Now, tell me, is nose-ruffling anything like nose-blurring?

Tortoise Cat: Nose-blurring just happens when a strong odor whiff suddenly swirls out of a flower. Nose-ruffling is reaching way into the plant to catch the smell-swirl after it's gone hiding.

Chameleon: Wow.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tortoise Cat roams harness-free

Tortoise Cat in the Autumn Garden, Harness Free
Tortoise Cat: Being able to roam the garden harness-free with breezes ruffling my furs was wonderful! I hope the Big One wants to take more furry pictures of me soon.

Chameleon: When you climb a tree too high and get scared and yowl, I wonder...Is THAT sort of rumpus your idea of fun, Tortoise Cat?

Tortoise Cat: So, tell me Chameleon, how did I get back down so suddenly?

Chameleon: Naturally, I shape-shifted into a dragon and flew you back down to the bench! Do you not remember?

Tortoise Cat: Happily, the fright-full memory has blurred already. 

Chameleon: Really? Blurring memories on purpose is one of the simplest shape-shifting techniques.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tortoise Cat climbs trees suddenly

EYOW...Trees are the funnest neighbors on the block!
Tortoise Cat: I'm never "posing" for the Big One's picture-play when I rush up a tree. So, I never show off my best side. That's what the Big One exclaims, often.  

Chameleon:  Yes, Tortoise Cat, as pretty, cute and adorable as you are, you are remarkably non-photogenic. But that adds challenge for the Big One's photography "play" — and not all cats like to pose for photo-ops just to look elegant and show off their beauty.

Tortoise Cat: I enjoy our conversations, Chameleon, but after a few sentences, I am usually lost. 

Chameleon: That's OK, Tortoise Cat. Go climb another tree. Uh..wait. You'd better just climb a shrub, until the Big One returns.