Friday, October 8, 2010

Tortoise Cat climbs trees suddenly

EYOW...Trees are the funnest neighbors on the block!
Tortoise Cat: I'm never "posing" for the Big One's picture-play when I rush up a tree. So, I never show off my best side. That's what the Big One exclaims, often.  

Chameleon:  Yes, Tortoise Cat, as pretty, cute and adorable as you are, you are remarkably non-photogenic. But that adds challenge for the Big One's photography "play" — and not all cats like to pose for photo-ops just to look elegant and show off their beauty.

Tortoise Cat: I enjoy our conversations, Chameleon, but after a few sentences, I am usually lost. 

Chameleon: That's OK, Tortoise Cat. Go climb another tree. Uh..wait. You'd better just climb a shrub, until the Big One returns.

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