Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tortoise Cat wags her tail waiting for a squirrel

"Squirrel went in there," meowed Tortoise Cat, "But I can wait a while and wag!"

Tortoise Cat: Why did the link list disappear on our blog, Chameleon?

Chameleon: The Big One explained might be linking by mistake to a bad website that could cause computer problems for our visitors. The Big One removed the blogroll until that problem is fixed.

Tortoise Cat: Could we link-blog another way?

Chameleon: The Big One is looking into it. You might have to open another Web 2.0 account somewhere, start all over and do it yourself, Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat: EYOW! I would rather stroll and play with that squirrel who keeps hiding stuff in the rock garden.

Chameleon: I was kidding.

Tortoise Cat: Let's go out for a while before it gets dark! Look, that squirrel is hiding stuff in the Big One's trash bag!

Chameleon: It happens. OK, let's stroll.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tortoise Cat wonders why the raccoons stopped visiting

Tortoise Cat in the Courtyard Garden Savoring Autumn Breezes and Sunrays
Tortoise Cat: Other cats prowling keep me up all night, asserting my territorial rights. I would rather greet the raccoons.

Chameleon: Those raccoons steer clear of you lately, Tortoise Cat, probably because of the terrible names, terms and threats you howled at the family when they trotted by a while ago. What a rumpus it was!

Tortoise Cat: How strange! I simply do not recall emitting a single tone that night, Chameleon. Well, anyway the flowery and breezy smells are preoccupying me now.

Chameleon: You are indeed much mellower most mornings, Tortoise Cat, especially after you simply stretch, stroll and nibble your favorite cat-grasses. 
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Tortoise Cat dreads the end of Cat Grass Season

Tortoise Cat and the Next Generation of Thistles
Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, I smell hints of colder days blowing in soon. My paws and whiskers can feel the dark, snowy, icy season that I refuse to acknowledge by granting it a nick-name stealthily, steadily creeping up on us!

Chameleon: Oh, play on, Tortoise Cat. This year's Cat Grass Season will last some fun whiles longer. Weeds and grasses are renewing and thriving in our home territory, though our tree neighbors are shedding their leaves early.

Tortoise Cat: Does Cat-Grass Season last longer in the Central Valley of California, where the Big One wants to go and mark new territory?

Chameleon: Grasses grow through the darker, rainy days there, but need extra water during stretches of longer, hotter days.

Tortoise Cat Hastening Home in the Wind
Tortoise Cat: You know how much I dislike wind gusts and rain storms, Chameleon, but let us pack and go anyhow—before the first snow falls and all the puddles freeze over.