Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tortoise Cat wonders why the raccoons stopped visiting

Tortoise Cat in the Courtyard Garden Savoring Autumn Breezes and Sunrays
Tortoise Cat: Other cats prowling keep me up all night, asserting my territorial rights. I would rather greet the raccoons.

Chameleon: Those raccoons steer clear of you lately, Tortoise Cat, probably because of the terrible names, terms and threats you howled at the family when they trotted by a while ago. What a rumpus it was!

Tortoise Cat: How strange! I simply do not recall emitting a single tone that night, Chameleon. Well, anyway the flowery and breezy smells are preoccupying me now.

Chameleon: You are indeed much mellower most mornings, Tortoise Cat, especially after you simply stretch, stroll and nibble your favorite cat-grasses. 
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