Monday, September 10, 2012

Our neighborhood Coldspring Creek is a ditch

Tortoise Cat: I'm no swimmer, but that so-called creek down our block seems more like a ditch.

Chameleon: That almost-stagnant stream is part of this city's drainage system, I suppose.

Tortoise Cat: EYOW -- outside drains! So there are NO fish to catch in there, anyway?

Chameleon: Well, there might be a few, but probably far between, Tortoise Cat. Now I imagine you swim expertly, instinctively.

The Invisible Chameleon hides in shadows, but today shadows fade and blur!

Tortoise Cat: OK, whatever you imagine, Chameleon. But I'll seek more neighborhood say-sos before I dip a paw. EYOW, that'll take a long while!

Chameleon: OK, I splash and tell a little while later, Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat: EYOW, that's swell. But don't shake off on me, after!

The Invisible Chameleon is splashing to check this Cold Spring Road ditch for fish!