Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tortoise Cat complains blogging is less fun than most catty activities

Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, isn't it easier to live than blog about life? When the Big One is away, though, I feel like complaining.

Chameleon: Yes, big ones often blog to complain, but that's optional. Short stories and impressions are more fun to commemorate, I opine.

Tortoise Cat: Well, Chameleon, my impression is that the ground is icy and frigid while the air is warmer, but Cat-Grass Season is still days of whiles away from NOW.

Chameleon: We didn't see any shadows on Groundhog Day, but the day after was brightly sunny, I recall, so maybe the grasses will sprout early for you around here, Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat: The biggest Raccoon snuffled the window last night and we agreed warmer days cannot arrive too soon.

Chameleon: Another story is how you watch from inside the big, tall window how the critters and birds keep gobbling the nuts and seeds the Big One replenishes every day, but when you creep onto the steps, they all scurry and flap away -- wary neighbors they all are around here, still.

Tortoise Cat: But those stories are putting me to sleep already, Chameleon. Dreams -- already beginning to dazzle and blur life -- seem much more fun and exciting suddenly.

Chameleon:OK then, let us cat-nap until the Big One returns.
Tortoise Cat: ZZZZZZZ!