Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tortoise Cat: Early cat-grass gnashing is a YUM-rush!

Tortoise Cat: Gnash...YUM...This is the best new cat-grass patch, Chameleon!

Chameleon: I must take your word for it, Tortoise Cat. Maybe, later in the season, we can discuss chomping and gulping fresh, plump, tasty bugs.

Tortoise Cat: In a while, there will be more and more cat-grass, but these early stalks blur and ruffle me through and through!

Chameleon: And I'm glowing greener as my tongue dreams of the first, juicy fly-ZAP!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tortoise Cat helps arrange the outdoor rock garden

Tortoise Cat: Here I am on the rocks, showing the Big One where to put another tile where a pot of selected cat-grasses can grow, right on our territory.

Chameleon: Rock garden clean-up begins tomorrow!

Tortoise-Cat: EYOW...Chameleon...I might wander next door and visit Tiny Terrier after the Big One gets busy. Were you watching when I leaped into the yew-bush after a sparrow?

Chameleon: I saw the sparrow zoom-fly away, Tortoise Cat. So...I am gathering clean-up isn't your favorite activity.

Tortoise Cat: OK, Chameleon. I'll stretch out and supervise a while...until the Big One becomes preoccupied.