Friday, September 23, 2011

Tortoise Cat blogs reluctantly with cold paws -- about moving on

Tortoise Cat: The garden is still wet, the chilly wind is blurring my eyes and now my paws are cold...! The final days of this Cat-Grass Season are upon us, Chameleon!

Chameleon: We'll be inhabiting a new territory before it ends, Tortoise Cat, in a place your favorite season lasts a few whiles longer.

Tortoise Cat: Oh, and then that big house and outside we visited will be MINE?

Chameleon: I will help you establish your rights-of-way at OUR new place, Tortoise Cat. Most of the many critters in residence for many seasons there will welcome us...after I explain the situation diplomatically. Now, the other cats...

Tortoise Cat: Other cats live there already, Chameleon? Unacceptable!

Chameleon: Tortoise Cat, it won't take long for those other neighborhood cats to accept you, and skulk AROUND your territory, instead of through it (as a general rule...) so stay playful!

Tortoise Cat: Will Skunk be visiting us at our new home, Chameleon?

Chameleon: Skunk has family nearby...Our new home is a lively place in a woods, so there will always be wild company creeping, crawling and swooping in, Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat: I shall miss this big favorite garden...but the Big One promised there are more gardens around those mysterious new blocks without sidewalks...How many whiles must pass before we depart?