Friday, December 14, 2012

New place: But Cat-Grass Season has passed again

Tortoise Cat: Here we are in the next, bigger, wilder territory the Big One promised we'd inhabit so many longer whiles ago. EYOW! Truly, I am stunned, Chameleon. But Cat-Grass Season was already all but over when we arrived -- grass shoots may be bright green some wheres around here, but the flavors are napping, just like the pale yellow patches.

Chameleon: Well, let's romp through what Sun-FUN moments do dawn, then deep-cat-nap dream on through the longer dark whiles.

Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, we can romp inside, too, day or night. Look -- this shelter includes built-in mountain ledges and cliff edges!

Chameleon: Certainly, play mountain climbing and cliff diving, Tortoise Cat! Soon, maybe, the Big One will grow you some succulent cat-grass indoors.

Next memory: Oak sapling munches

In mid-November 2012, late Cat-Grass Season, this happened: Mmm...Yum!

Fleeting memory: Windy days best for rushing up trees

On a gusty, late October 2012 day this happened...

Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, I rushed up a tree in the breezes, then down head-first, then rolled both ways, then munched cat-grass -- fun! Now I'm heading toward the shrubbery to hide from stronger wind gusts.

Chameleon: OK, Tortoise Cat. Sun fun!