Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tortoise Cat ruffles her nose to smell flower flavors

Tortoise Cat Sniffing Dry Asters

Tortoise Cat: Whew. I forgot how delicious those dry flower buds smell!

Chameleon: Those are Asters, Tortoise Cat. Pink and purple Star Flowers. Can you smell the different flavors like the bees, butterflies and moths do?

Tortoise Cat: When I bury my whole head in the plant, curl my tail and ruffle up my nose, I imagine I can. But, this means Cat-Grass Season is waning, again!

Chameleon: There are a few whiles of your long favorite season left, Tortoise Cat. Now, tell me, is nose-ruffling anything like nose-blurring?

Tortoise Cat: Nose-blurring just happens when a strong odor whiff suddenly swirls out of a flower. Nose-ruffling is reaching way into the plant to catch the smell-swirl after it's gone hiding.

Chameleon: Wow.

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