Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tortoise Cat roams harness-free

Tortoise Cat in the Autumn Garden, Harness Free
Tortoise Cat: Being able to roam the garden harness-free with breezes ruffling my furs was wonderful! I hope the Big One wants to take more furry pictures of me soon.

Chameleon: When you climb a tree too high and get scared and yowl, I wonder...Is THAT sort of rumpus your idea of fun, Tortoise Cat?

Tortoise Cat: So, tell me Chameleon, how did I get back down so suddenly?

Chameleon: Naturally, I shape-shifted into a dragon and flew you back down to the bench! Do you not remember?

Tortoise Cat: Happily, the fright-full memory has blurred already. 

Chameleon: Really? Blurring memories on purpose is one of the simplest shape-shifting techniques.

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