Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tortoise Cat says EYOW-NO to stepping on snow

Tortoise Cat: After my first horrible chilly-dim-season, long whiles ago, I have steadfastly refused to step on snow. Do you remember those experiences?

Chameleon: No, but an angel told me horses let you ride over the snow back then, Tortoise Cat.

Tortoise Cat: Yes, my second Big One was a horse. Then, when cat-grass season sprouted up suddenly I wandered off.

Chameleon: And you met me, next.

Tortoise Cat: Yes...And many others...Before you arranged for me me to meet the Big One of this home.

Chameleon: Tortoise Cat, I do not know why snow blows in with so many sad and scary reminiscences...though brighter blessings have always sparkled though.

Tortoise Cat: EYOW-YES...that is true!

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