Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Tortoise Cat was dreaming of flying

Tortoise Cat: Chameleon, tell me how the Big One, you and I will fly higher than hawks for a while soon!

Chameleon: Well, I'll gyro-flap my magic wings as usual, Tortoise Cat. But you and the Big One will jet
along at great sky-speeds and adventure vast earthly distances above the clouds with strong, stiff, giant metal wings...!

Tortoise Cat: EYOW...Chameleon, tell me MORE...NOW.

Chameleon: I'll elaborate later. Now let's dream how.

Tortoise Cat: OK, I'll blur my furs a while, then dream we're flying among these firs soon, then dream gyro-winging and jetting above clouds and hawks later.

Chameleon: OK, Tortoise Cat.

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